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Free Online VNC Viewer for your Web Server TouchScan is a freeware secure web VNC Viewer and compatible with the remote desktop protocol. It is designed to be embedded in web servers. TouchScan is a portable remote desktop software, which can be run on client computers. After installation, you will be able to use TouchScan's features without having to install and run any additional software on your computer. This software is fully compatible with most web servers. Release version 3.0 is the first version that is free of charge. If you want to use the full features of this free software, you will have to purchase a license. Features Browser Embedding TouchScan into web pages is easy. TouchScan can be used for remote administration in any web page without needing any additional software to be installed on client computers. Since TouchScan is not downloaded, it runs instantly and does not require any additional time to load. TouchScan runs in all major web browsers. This remote desktop software is platform independent and compatible with all major web browsers. You can use this software in any web page without the need of installing additional software on client computers. Performance TouchScan has been optimized to improve the performance, to be able to manage remote administration with maximum ease. The software can handle the highest number of simultaneous users. Security TouchScan is fully secure and compatible with the latest security standards. This remote desktop software is encryption based and supports the latest security encryption algorithms. TouchScan also supports VNC viewer password protection. Supported platforms TouchScan supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android, iOS, OS X, and even Unix-based operating systems. It also supports many different hardware platforms such as Intel-based, ARM, and PPC. Supported languages TouchScan supports multiple languages. It supports languages from many regions such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It supports many different languages and characters like English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. See also Comparison of VNC software External links Category:Remote desktop Category:Remote desktop software Category:Remote administration software




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